The LIT Collective

The LIT Collective is a community of creators and crypto enthusiasts. We plan to become a recognized name in the creative community and form lasting relationships with other creators. We want to build a large community of like-minded individuals that can share everything they love all in one place. We will create a social app where creators of all types can connect with each other and share their work. We will also create our own online marketplace where these creators can sell both their physical merchandise and their digital assets.

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Meet the Team


My name is Jonathan a.k.a. sshadowfaxx. I come from small town in Louisiana, USA. I have always held a strong belief that everyone deserves to express themselves in any manner they choose. I created The LIT Collective with that belief in mind, and I wanted to give people a place to express themselves freely without criticism.

Grand Advisor

Jeffrey Boyd Garrison is an artist, VTT asset designer and crypto enthusiast residing in Washington State, USA. Having been involved with The LIT Collective since it’s inception, Jeff has also contributed digital art and support to several related crypto projects and is active in the ERC721 NFT collectible space.

LIT Ambassador

Justin (Bitjamin) hails from West Virginia, USA and is an invaluable asset to the team, he is the ambassador for the collective. Finding the places that need filled and the pieces that fit within are his specialties along with his art and community building. Creator of the BBB (Bit, By Bit) Token, and digital artist are just a few of the hats he wears in a professional setting. You will also find him engaging with and encouraging community support efforts and working with/helping other artists in the space.

Publication/Growth Firm Specialist

Professional Gigolo

Stephan is a great leader in the NFT community and a proud father to his children and, in a way, to the community as well. He is also a proud French Canadian. Stephan has been around the block many times and formed relationships with various big names in the world of digital art. He is the founder of Satoshi Initiatives as well as MagNFT. Stephan has helped the collective gain exposure through Mag and given invaluable advice about the progression of our project.

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