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Bit, by Bit

Bitjamin is a pseudonym taken by the artist in a blend of conceptual and poetic vision. The world of NFT and blockchain art revolves around minting, both currency, and the art, paid for by said currency. Bitjamin Franklin is a play on the name of the founding father, notorious for creating the Franklin Mint. In true revolutionary form, using his minting to spread his message, this gentleman believes in true freedom of expression through art.


MagNFT was thought with one specific goal. Help the NFT Art scene grow, and provide a medium for collectors to discover emerging as well as established artists in the ecosystem. Since their 1st issue, they have supported and financially contributed to this ecosystem.

Satoshi Initiatives

Satoshi Initiatives is a growth firm that provides content, marketing strategies, and moderating services to many crypto projects. You are probably very familiar with the various projects they are associated with. They have collaborated and contributed to projects such as Mintable,, Cent, Trust Wallet, and many others.

JBG’s Tabletop Operations

JBG’s mission is to bring you interesting and useful tools that you can employ in your tabletop gaming (RPG’s and Wargames). This includes maps, VTT (virtual tabletop) assets, paper miniatures, counters, printable handouts, roleplaying game aids, etc. He has his own JBG Token that can be used to purchase various items from his storefront on Opensea.

Mutant Monsters

The Mutant Monsters series started as a learning and development project. It quickly developed into a great NFT project that many have come to love. There are 1000s of unique mutants to collect. You can buy them from many different platforms as well as mine them from the mutant machine. Whichever way you decide to aquire them, they are very fun NFTs to collect and enjoy.

KIWI Token

KIWI is a community project and one of the first mineable ERC20/918 tokens. No pre-mine or ICO. Thus, it has intrinsic value, fair distribution, and no corporate agenda. KIWI is used in cryptocurrency payments, NFT trading, engagement rewards, and community development. It is a natural choice for community-driven creative work. KIWI can be mined using using surplus capacity and otherwise wasted energy – a perfect starter project for a prospective miner.

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